Sukhmani Kooner

Have you ever thought of saving people who suffer a handicap? Have you ever thought of helping artisans to lead a happy and a dignified life? And have you ever thought of financial stability of those who are not venerated because of a social stigma? Guess what Kameswari is uplifting, upscaling and saving the people that society has forgotten about.... Read More
Sony Jain of The AdCode shares her entrepreneurial journey of overcoming the trials and tribulations of living in a different country and a different time zone and operating her business successfully from there. Hailing from a business background, she showed her mettle in establishing her own venture and making it into what it is today. ... Read More
Anirudh Rathi shares his entrepreneurial journey where he followed the traditional norms of becoming an engineer and then doing an MBA. He talks about following his passion, which was in his blood, and then starting a business after partnering with his childhood friend. He shares his experience of setting up a bootstrap firm and making it to what Sofa Clinic is today.... Read More