Anirudh Rathi shares his entrepreneurial journey where he followed the traditional norms of becoming an engineer and then doing an MBA. He talks about following his passion, which was in his blood, and then starting a business after partnering with his childhood friend. He shares his experience of setting up a bootstrap firm and making it to what Sofa Clinic is today.... Read More
In engineering colleges where many are worried about their placements, he was offered the role of Co-founder and CEO in a company. This may sound cool, but behind this were tireless efforts of Rahul Nain to start a business that can help people. He failed in exams, start-ups and got rejected, but never did he stop trying. In conversation with Rahul Nain who entails his bumpy roller coaster journey on The Balls Of Steel Show. ... Read More
Neha Nahata shares her entrepreneurial journey where she gave an all new meaning to motherhood and inception of life. Neha created a fashion wear brand for pregnant women so that they can enjoy this phase of life in style when she, herself was on this journey of creation of a new life. From creating a new life within her, she created Momsoon and broke all stereotypes that pregnant women are attached with. ... Read More