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Sony Jain of The AdCode shares her entrepreneurial journey of overcoming the trials and tribulations of living in a different country and a different time zone and operating her business successfully from there. Hailing from a business background, she showed her mettle in establishing her own venture and making it into what it is today. ... Read More
Vihan Gulati shares his entrepreneurial story with The Balls of Steel show, that how a dissertation project became Vihan's eureka moment and brought him into Public Relations. He started in his mother's agency but took it to new heights at the same time, began anew. Due to his innovation he redefined his 'Dhandho Ni Soch' in the process. ... Read More
Kshitiz shares his entrepreneurial journey that completely changed his life and made him a responsible human being. He likes to help entrepreneurs by becoming their guiding light. Kshitiz is an epitome of change. he brought significant changes in mindset and life that entirely changed his personality. He embarked three start-ups before reaching his true call. Kshitiz in this episode gives a taste of reality and how important it is to earn money along with maintaining relationships. ... Read More