Even After Two failed start-ups the spirit creating something new didn't die for Shubham. He entails how mentally exhausting can a startup be but at the same time the gratification of learning multiplies when you begin a startup. Living in a different country and a different time zone, here we have Shubham's journey and business mindset behind Friyay and the dream of aiding people with his passion for cinema.... Read More
Abhishek Goyal shares his entrepreneurial journey which is highly influenced by spirituality. He shares that how by becoming a fulfilled human being one can become a fulfilled entrepreneur. In his mission of providing people an unforgettable experience, his own journey has panned out beautifully through Kashish Yoga. ... Read More
Nikhil and Aditya's dream of leaving an imprint of people's lives tucked them together. They are a duo that is highly value focused and believes in creating a world full of people with excellent leadership skills through their consultancy at Here and Now. Let's dive into their entrepreneurial journey which is equally enlivening. ... Read More
Neha Nahata shares her entrepreneurial journey where she gave an all new meaning to motherhood and inception of life. Neha created a fashion wear brand for pregnant women so that they can enjoy this phase of life in style when she, herself was on this journey of creation of a new life. From creating a new life within her, she created Momsoon and broke all stereotypes that pregnant women are attached with. ... Read More