The Balls of Steel Show – Podcast

“Dhandho ni Soch” – The Business Mindset. The Balls of Steel Show brings the journey of those entrepreneurs who are still in the process of touching the peak of Everest. Ones who have done something but are still unknown. The ones who have enough balls to have set their foot on the paddle of following the path they wish to ride and not what the world directs them to. Let’s jump in and have an insight into their minds and see how they’re doing their dhandha.

Episode 48:

By Combating Stigma and By Displaying Strength, This Veteran Entrepreneur Is Scaling Her Business Since 1977- Ms Urmila Bhargava, Founder, IFP Petro Products

Ms Urmila Bhargava, Founder of IFP Petro Products Pvt Ltd, shares her entrepreneurial journey, which started back in 1977. A veteran entrepreneur, Ms Urmila, fought against all odds to establish her enterprise after her husband’s demise. She entered the oil recycling industry, which is referred to as male-dominated. A nationalist by heart, she always upheld the ethics of playing fair and square in business and life. Listen on to get a deeper insight into Ms Urmila’s entrepreneurial journey and add it to your Dhandho Ni Soch.

Episode 47:

Acquired by Khatabook for 10 Million USD, Biz Analyst is Helping MSMEs Manage Their Finances- Vaibhav Vasa, Co-Founder, Biz Analyst

Vaibhav Vasa, Co-founder of Biz Analyst, talks about his entrepreneurial journey and their latest acquisition by Khatabook for 10 million USD. He passionately explains his product which is helping small businesses across India to be more financially accountable. Talking about his years in the US, Vaibhav draws inspiration from strong working culture, which he added to his business mindset and at Biz Analyst. Listen on to know more insightful tit-bits and add them to your Dhandho Ni Soch.

Episode 46:

This Entrepreneur Is Making Space Science Education Amusing For Students Through Her Business- Nikhita C, Founder, SSERD

Nikhita, Founder of SSERD and Spaceshala, who shares her entrepreneurial journey, talks about all the trials and tribulations that she faced while undertaking this tumultuous journey as an entrepreneur. Started with the idea to educate children about Astrophysics, Nikhita came a long way in getting them close to space. This prodigal entrepreneur’s sole intention is to raise awareness about space amongst children and touch a million lives. Listen to the entire episode of how Nikhita’s endeavor in the space industry can widen your Dhandho Ni Soch.

Episode 45:

Starting From Scratch, This Entrepreneur Has Built A Fortune in Mineral and Metal Sourcing Industry-Siddharth Bothra, Founder, IQ Group

Siddharth Bothra, Founder & CEO of IQ Group, shares his entrepreneurial journey of how he started of with philately at the age of 14, laying foundations in the business world. Born into a business family, he started diversifying and exploring various segments of businesses. After achieving many of his goals, he’s all set for his new endeavours and calls this just the beginning. Listen on to know his story of conviction and add something new to your Dhandho Ni Soch.

Episode 44:

This Social Entrepreneur is Uplifting Artisans and Saving Disabled Lives, Kameswari Devi Kumar- Founder, Hosa Belaku Artisans Foundation

Kameswari Devi, the founder of Hosa Belaku Artisans Foundation, shares her entrepreneurial journey of how from her youthful days of innocence, she had an affinity for the people around her. She claims to be an accidental entrepreneur with no degree in disability, only love and compassion. With indomitable spirit and passion in her heart, she set out to help people sustain their livelihood and not be limited by their disabilities. Listen on to know the story of a woman with an iron will and unflinching commitment, and add something new to your Dhandho Ni Soch.

Episode 43:

From A Million People To A Million Dollar, How To Build A Company?- Lal Chand Bisu, Forbes 30U30 Asia 2020, Co-Founder, KUKU FM

Lal Chand Bisu (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020), Co-Founder of KuKu FM, shares his entrepreneurial journey of how he got out of a small village and experienced living in a city for the first time high school. This exposure got him curious about the world he earlier did not know of. Graduating as the first batch of IIT Jodhpur, he got a lot of insight into various aspects. With an undying curiosity and an attitude of never settling, he sought out to impact the masses. Listen on know-how Bisu set out on the ladder of success and add something new to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch.’

Episode 42:

Scaling a Successful Business Out of a Hobby in College- Divyansh Madan, Founder & CEO, DMAD Projects

Divyansh Madan of DMAD projects shares his entrepreneurial journey of how he wanted to make the most of all the exposure he got in college. This is a story of a small-town boy who set out to find his passion and take it to new heights. Listen to know how Divyansh started his own business and add something new to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch’.

Episode 41:

Advancing Higher Education Consultancy- Sreekar & Suraj, Co-Founders, Gradvine

Sreekar Reddy and Suraj Peri, founders of Gradvine share their entrepreneurial journey of how they managed to develop a rescue plan for the students from the tactics of the consultants. They believe that every student is a unique personality and that everyone’s perspective and goals have to be kept in mind while customising counselling accordingly. With a vision of betterment of students, they have set course to a journey to excellence in education. Coming from different backgrounds but with the same spirit of providing the best service to students, listen on to add something new to your “Dhandho Ni Soch’.

Episode 40:

Making Higher Education Easy for Everyone- Eela Dubey, Co-Founder & CEO EduFund

Eela Dubey, Co-Founder and CEO of Edufund shares her spiritual awakening and entrepreneurial journey of taking her core beliefs to a level where she can make a difference. She always believed that quality education should be every child’s birthright. She grew up with a label of being a rich NRI, but life was not a cakewalk.  Taking risks head-on and accepting failures with a mantra of being grateful for everything, listen to know how she started her business and add something new to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch.’

Episode 39:

Shraddha Kamath- Tangram

Shraddha Kamath of TANGRAM shares her entrepreneurial journey of how she started her architectural firm in a city she knew nothing of. Packing one suitcase and setting off on her journey not fearing the unknown, listen on to know how she made a mark in this male-dominated industry and add something new to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch’.

Episode 38:

Baljeet Gujral- Enfield Riders

Baljeet Gujral, the founder of Enfield Riders, shares his entrepreneurial journey of how he and his wife started their own adventure- travel company inspired by their personal experiences, which gave them an idea and a push to start their own business. At the age of 30, he left his stable and secure job to take a plunge into entrepreneurship. Balancing responsibilities and ambitions, listen to know how Baljeet started his business and add something new to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch.’

Episode 37:

Mallika and Devika Tomar- House of Tomar

Mallika and Devika, founders of House Of Tomar, shared their entrepreneurial journey and started their own clothing label. They talk about how inspiration dawn on them when one of them got an opportunity to design for Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. This opportunity gave them an idea and the push to start their own clothing brand with their father’s help, who supported their artistic endeavours. Listen on to know how Mallika and Devika, a duo of terrific sisters, started their business with a determination to grow it further and add it to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch’.

Episode 36:

Ruth Samuel- Grace N’ Swagg

Ruth Samuel, Founder of Grace N’ Swagg, shares her entrepreneurial journey and her everyday struggles while starting her fashion label. Triggered by a statement this rebel to glory made her own mark in her world which is constantly growing. An achiever, Ruth is an epitome of fighting against odds and making an imprint on people. Listen to this episode of BOSS to know how resilience can make an entrepreneur grow beautifully and add it to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch’

Episode 35:

Vihan Gulati- Mediagraphix

Vvihan Gulati of Media Graphics shares his entrepreneurial journey as to how his dissertation project became his business eureka moment. It has been a whopping nine years that Vvihan has been sharing the stories of his clients with the world through his venture. He talks about the digital boom in businesses and how the optimal usage of technology has facilitated businesses. Vvihan talks about how he further innovated and brought a new vertical to his mother’s business and made it his own. Listen on to know how the amalgamation of old experiences and newer innovations enhanced Vvihan business mindset and add it to your ‘Dhandho Ni Soch’.

Episode 34:

Yash Jariwala- Shaivaa Algaetech

Yashraj Jariwala, the founder of Shaivaa Algaetech shares the onset of his entrepreneurial journey. Yashraj was always fascinated by nature and the wonders that it has. He decided to do something around his fascination so that he could contribute his bit to humanity. Even after graduating with a Master’s degree in biotech from John Hopkins USA, his immense love for his family brought him back to India. With a unique idea and persistent belief in his idea, Yashraj has redefined his Dhandho Ni Soch for us. Listen to this podcast for more such inspiring insights that will change your definition of persistency and conviction.

Episode 33:

Kshitiz Adukia – Tradizon

Kshitiz Adukia, founder and CEO of Tradizon talks about how an experience motivated him to help entrepreneurs. Kshitiz shares how his laid back attitude underwent a major transformation and made him a passionate entrepreneur. Even after coping up with 3 start-ups that couldn’t make it big, Kshitiz went beyond the horizon with Tradizon and made it successful in a short span of time. You will get a detailed insight as to how Kshitiz surfed through the ups and downs of his life and widened the horizon of his learning. Listen to know how Kshitiz started his business from scratch and stepped into his reality with an analytical business mindset and add it to your- “Dhandho Ni Soch.”

Episode 32:

Smriti Tomar – Stack Finance

Smriti Tomar, Founder and CEO of Stack Finance talks about how the fear of missing out on a great idea led her to start Stack Finance leaving her stable job. Listen on to find out how Smriti went on to establish her business fighting the societal stigma of women doing business and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 31:

Hardik Chauhan – Revamp

Hardik Chauhan, CEO and Founder of Revamp talks about how he developed a versatile personality by living in several places since the early childhood. He talks about how he switched from financial careers to media to eventually starting his own company. Listen on to find out how he acquired multiple skillsets and has put that all in his business and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 30:

Nikky Gupta – Teamwork Communication

Nikky Gupta, Director, and Founder of Teamwork Communication talks about how her journey started when she shifted to Delhi after her marriage. She throws lights on how she and her husband went on to keep building their path from nothing to a decade-old established business. Listen on to find out how she made 8000 to 8 Crore and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 29:

Shubham Patil – Nuts Over Web

Shubham Patil, Managing Director of Nuts Over Web talks about how he went from riches to rags to riches. He throws light on how he started his first business around the age of 16 out of necessity and then went on from working as a teller caller to a business development guy and finally starting his business again. Listen on to find out how his PR and marketing agency is making a name of for itself and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 28:

Anirudh Rathi – Sofa Clinic

Anirudh Rathi talks about how he eventually found his business idea even though almost followed the path laid out by the traditional Indian Society of becoming an engineer and then doing MBA. Listen on to find out how he started the business after partnering with his childhood friend and is now moving ahead to make a dent in the furnishing industry and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 27:

Abbas Gabajiwala – Zephyr Toymakers

Abbas talks about the beginning of the very famous toy Mechanix that every one of us has played in our childhood. He throws light on how he learned business skills from his father and helped Zephyr grow. Listen on to find out how Abbas is following is father’s footsteps and adding to the legacy by taking a leap forward and starting another company in the same niche and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 26:

Sanya & Mayank – Humsafar India

Sanya Goel and Mayank Agarwal founders of Humsafar India talks about how they added a new millennial approach to the age-old business of fuel retailing and are set out to make Humsafar India the home name for Diesel Delivery. Listen on to find out how they are helping their family business grow with a new approach and add to your “Dhandho Ni Soch”.

Episode 25:

Shivansh Agarwal – Trivy Technologies

Shivansh talks about how he got inspired by his mother’s business stories which she had to eventually close due to family issues. Shivansh the final year engineering student throws light on how he got his idea when he first visited the airport and how he has been struggling to put together every bits and pieces of the business while studying alongside of the college rules. Listen on to find out his take on entrepreneurship and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 24:

Viraj Patel – DOTSHOT

Viraj talks about how he learned while working at a store in USA that anything could be sold and eventually gave him an idea to start a consumer brand. He talks about how he took a leap of faith with his family business and introduced a B2C segment product in the pre-existing B2B family business. Listen on to find out how Viraj knows every nitty-gritty of his new venture as he strives to bring an absolutely different and new product in the Indian market and add to your “Dhandho Ni Soch.”

Episode 23:

Sony Jain – The AdCode

Sony talks about the struggles that go into establishing and growing family business. She throws some light on the fact that why it is important for entrepreneurs hailing from an established business background to grow and do some business. Listen on to find out how she has been able to make her business international in a short period of time and add to your “Dhandho Ni Soch”.

Episode 22:

Nishant Tripathi – Shake It Off

Nishant talks about he started a business even though he comes from a part of society that doesn’t look up to the career of entrepreneurship in a positive manner. He throws light on how he found the idea of a product abroad and eventually started a long chain of a franchise of his own brand. Listen on to get a discount on your next shake at Shake It Off and add to your “Dhandho Ni Soch”.

Episode 21:

Rahul Nain – Renting Planet

Rahul talks about how he started three startups during the first three years of his engineering and failed. Listen on to find out how this engineering student fought his suicidal thoughts and how his failure made him the Co-Founder of Renting Planet and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 20:

Joshua Salins – The Hobby Tribe

Joshua a 21-year-old chap, talks about how he created a business out of his hobby. Listen on to find out how this young talented guy’s business is teaching different hobbies not just to Indian but to people in more than 10 different countries and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch.”

Episode 19:

Ankur Joshi – Nuclei

Ankur talks about, how his life broke several glass ceilings when he stepped in Mumbai and was exposed to a completely new world. Hit “Play” to find out what the IITB graduate has to say to the young and new entrepreneurs stepping into their entrepreneurial journey about the age-old saying of studying at an IIT in India. Listen on to know how Ankur went on to do several businesses from restaurant to technology startup and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch.”

Episode 18:

Setu Goyal – TwigHop

Setu talks about how he picked up various traits of an entrepreneur from various jobs he worked at. He talks about the importance of personal relationships in an entrepreneur’s life. Listen on to find out how Setu without any prior knowledge about real estate and technology is all set out there to make a mark in the real estate technology space and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 17:

Nikita Burman – The Blue Beans

Nikita talks about how she fought the fears of the social stigma of women being entrepreneurs and independent, to become an entrepreneur herself. Listen on to find out how she expanded her company globally in a short span of time, and achieved a revenue of 1 Million USD and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 16:

Sneh & Konark – Freestand

Sneh Soni and Konark Sharma talk how about how they found a business idea in a 24 Seven store and how they made Freestand a full-fledged Saas company from a no-code company. Listen on to find out how these young chaps started from ground 0, managing their business with minimalistic resources, and are moving ahead to soon become a renowned name in the product sampling industry and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 15:

Neha Nahata – Momsoon

Neha talks about how she got the idea for her maternity wear business from her first pregnancy experience. She provides insight into how the younger generation can build their careers so that they can take their family business to new heights. Listen on to find out how she has been able to make her mark in a very specific niche of maternity wear via her brand Momsoon and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 14:

Kumar Mayank – Zimyo

Kumar Mayank explains how his early daily struggles of hanging to the latch of the bus to traveling in metros have helped him become the zealous and highly ambitious entrepreneur he is today. Listen on to find out why the IIM graduate left his high paying job and how he came out of his crore worth of debt, to add to your “Dhandho ni Soch.” A special DISCOUNT CODE is hidden in the conversation which you can use at Zimyo while checking out.

Episode 13:

Amanpreet Singh – F13 Technologies

Amanpreet talks about how the seeds of his entrepreneurial journey started sowing in the early days of his college and how he derived the idea for his venture by working throughout his college life and finding out loopholes in the education sector. Listen on to find out why he left Apple to establish his own venture which is growing faster than ever in the Ed-Tech sector and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 12:

Shaurya Aggarwal – Beat My Sugar

Shaurya a 21-year-old diabetic chap who has just started out in business shares his early journey. Listen on to find out how anyone can figure out a business opportunity out of anything and even a disease like diabetes cannot stop one from being an entrepreneur and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 11:

Manvir Singh Anand – Knight Gourmet

Manvir talks at length and in detail about how he started his entrepreneurial journey in the F&B Industry. He talks about all those instances which have helped him reach where he is today. Listen on to find out how Manvir’s company grew to become one of the best event hospitality solutions provider in the nation serving to nation renowned events like Iifa Awards, Premiere Badminton Leagues, Microsoft, BMW, Facebook, so and so forth, and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

You can also read his latest book “Catering Your Way to Financial Independence: Step by step guide for starting a successful outdoor catering business without any background in the hospitality industry” at:

Episode 10:

Mayank Jain – Ezyschooling

Mayank completely fresh out of college but started his entrepreneurial journey in his first year itself, he talks about all the ups and downs he faced in detail and gives an insight into the mindset of a very young entrepreneur. Listen on to find out how anyone can be an entrepreneur irrespective of the experience and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 9:

Peeush Tomar – Brands Invincible

Peeush talks about, how doing what you love make everything even in business fall in place with time. He has thrown light upon how he derived inspiration from his mother and sister. Listen on to find out how one can grow over a failed partnership and yet get into another one and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 8:

Sanjay Kaul – Impact Communications

Mr. Sanjay talks about how he started his journey with a minimalistic amount and strategically stood against the competition. Listen on to find out how he manages his company and creates entrepreneurial leaders in the company which eventually lead to the growth of the company, and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 7:

Paras Garg – Zoconut

Paras talks about how he started developing his entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. He gives us an insight into how a family can play an important role in the formation of an entrepreneur. Listen on to find out how Paras has taken bold steps along his journey to reach where he is today and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 6:

Sandeep Sharma – DEH Media

Sandeep talks about how he started at a very early age doing exactly what he loved and how being positive has helped him grow in life and business, that today he lives for a bigger than life motive. Listen on to find out how he used positivity along with strategic planning to become what he is today and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 5:

Dr. Anshul Dhingra-AD Executive Training and Coaching

Dr Anshul Dhingra talks about how he has a mentality of leading life with domination. However, being humble and serve a bigger purpose in life through his business is his approach. Listen to his journey on becoming India’s First Brian Tracy Certified Trainer along with several other certifications like Arthur F. Carmazzi, NLP and many more. So you can widen the horizon of your “Dhando ni Soch”.

Episode 4:

Aditya and Nikhil-Here and Now

Aditya Gupta and Nikhil Juneja talk about how they both come from a family business background but decided to move on their path of doing something which gives them their Kick. But, It was during this process of finding their Kick, that they met, and then from there, they started together on their journey of Here and Now. Listen on to find out how a partnership can survive in business and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 3:

Ashish Rawat-Fresh Egg

Ashish talks about his transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He also talks about the changes he has seen in himself and how he started his business. But most importantly, how his experiences made way for him to become what he wanted to become- an entrepreneur. Listen to this experience and the shift in mindset to add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 2:

Dhruva Arya – The Organic Beauty Shop

The guy who put his name in the Limca Book of Records by learning 4000 Sanskrit Shlokas at the age of 3. The one who played International Lawn Tennis shares his journey of becoming an entrepreneur after a serious injury because of which he left his Tennis. He explains how he inherits a major part of his entrepreneurial mindset from sports. Listen on to be a part of his journey and add to your “Dhandho ni Soch”.

Episode 1:

Abhishek Goyal – Kashish Yoga

Abhishek talks about how his life journey has always been about taking risks and burning bridges in order to walk the entrepreneurial path. He also talks about how spirituality has paved the way for a bigger purpose. Listen on and find an exclusive discount code to Kashish Yoga’s Online Classes that will be starting in July 2020.