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Meghna Kishore & Barkha Bhatnagar Das
Ep 66:
Impacted by leading a conscious lifestyle, this sibling duo kickstarted a homegrown functional garment brand exclusively to create safe and organic clothing options for children. Leaving their cushy corporate jobs behind, Meghna and Barkha swore to make a conscious and healthy clothing alternative for infants and children. Making their organization a women-led enterprise, Meghna and Barkha are empowering a generation of women altogether. Listen to know more about their entrepreneurial journey and widen your Dhandho Ni Soch.
Bharat Sethi
Rage Coffee
Ep 65:
Bharat Sethi, Founder, Rage Coffee, shares his entrepreneurial journey, which began with his first venture, Poster Gully continuing to his subsequent third venture, Rage Coffee. Rage Coffee is a D2C brand disrupting the coffee segment of India and aspires to diversify coffee in a range of products. Bharat shares how his visit to Russia for an internship changed his perspective about life and how things were progressing in India at the time. Therefore, Bharat embarked upon this raging adventure of entrepreneurship. Bharat’s Rage Coffee recently launched its NFT, which has received a tremendous response all over social media. Listen to know more about Bharat’s mindset and expand your Dhandho Ni Soch.
Saameer Mody
Pocket Films
Ep 64:
Saameer Mody, Founder, Pocket Films, talks about his entrepreneurial journey, which started after 17 years when Saameer exited his family business. Through his business mindset, he understood the potential short films have to offer the audience. Thus Pocket Films was born to place short films at a better stature than before. Empowering short filmmakers, Saameer is determined to make a special place for short filmmakers in the mainstream cinema scenario, now through Pocket Film's OTT platform. Listen on to know more about Saameer's business mindset to widen your 'Dhandho Ni Soch'.
Akhil Daswani
Oncourse Vantage
Ep 63:
Akhil Daswani, Co-Founder, Oncourse Vantage shares his exciting entrepreneurial journey. He talks about beginning an education management venture that helps students study abroad with the best expertise suitable for them. Going back in time, Akhil shares his uncertainties and the unanswered questions while pursuing higher studies abroad, which he wanted to solve. He and his wife Alisha started Oncourse out of a dining table to make it a global brand in education management. With his passion for being an edupreneur through the day, he is an angel investor during the night. Through his second venture, he is helping entrepreneurs to fund great ideas and aiding their entrepreneurial journeys. Listen to know more about Akhil's entrepreneurial journey to add to your 'Dhandho Ni Soch.'
Prathima Inolu
Divami Designs
Ep 62:
Prathima Inolu, Co-Founder, Chief Designer- Executive Director, Divami Designs, shares her entrepreneurial journey, which began as a part-timing in a company that she now leads. Prathima talks about how being a computer science graduate; she ultimately found her calling in design, leading one of India's best UX UI design agencies. She also shares Divami's eye for detail, user-friendly product designing and empathetic approach towards design. Facing a series of challenges back in the day, Divami has earned its name, not only through its delivery but its relationships with clients over the years. Prathima's affinity with design and entrepreneurship has shaped her business mindset over the year with trials and errors at Divami. Listen to know more about Divami's emphasis on user experience and Prathima's business mindset to widen your Dhandho Ni Soch.
Saurav and Paromita Chakraborty
Travel Buddy
Ep 61:
Saurav and Paromita Chakraborty, Founder and Co-Founder Travel Buddy, share their entrepreneurial journey where they talked about their transition from active corporate life to that of entrepreneurship. They talk about making their dream come true in the form of Travel Buddy even though when the mighty pandemic struck them. With the help of their tech wizard and co-founder, Vijay, this duo is creating a hyperlocal travel community that can support one another during trips. Listen to know more about Saurav and Paromita's business mindset and add it to your 'Dhandho Ni Soch'.
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Happy to have interacted on the slice-of-life spirited talk-cast of Sarthak Varshney! Thanks a ton for bearing with my two cents and idiosyncrasies bud...It's a good feeling to catch a breath and look back at the journey and exuberance; my journey of challenging myself, self-prep and doing what I had always loved to do; no grudge with what I had given up for this; not worth at all in comparison to the pride and happiness which I get being Brands Invincible
Peeush Tomar
Founder, Brands Invincible
Thank you Sarthak for having me and share my experiences, learnings over time. I also extend my heartiest thanks to every single person who played an important role in helping and supporting me over the years. Friends, family, peers and acquaintances.
Amanpreet Singh
Founder, F13 Technologies
So Konark Sharma and I had a fun conversation with Sarthak Varshney about our journey at FreeStand Sampling Solutions. Launching India's first Digital Product Sampling Platform for FMCG that fully digitizes and automates product sampling operations for brands.
Sneh Soni
Founder, Grace n Swagg